Monday, October 17, 2011

As You Like It Makeup

In September of this year, I designed and did makeup for Theatre @ First's fantastic Burning Man-themed outdoor production of As You Like It in Davis Square, Somerville, directed by Kamela Dolinova. Presented here are some of the more fun and creative makeups I designed and did for the show.

Here is Alyssa Oh as Phebe, the lovesick shepherdess; we envisioned her as a brassy Jersey-Shore type. To that end, I applied bronzer and frosty bubblegum pink lip gloss, and used a Bumpit and a wide yellow plastic headband in Alyssa's hair. The look went great with her leopard dress and lavender Uggs!

I did age makeup on Laurie Brackett, who played Adam, an elderly servant:

Age makeup was also needed for Chris Lahey, who played Corin, an elderly shepherd (Chris is only 34):

And lastly, we have JP Nadeau as a flamboyant Hymen, the god of marriage who officiates over the ceremony at the play's end. The glitter was especially eye-catching under stage lights:

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