Monday, May 19, 2014

Won't You Take Me To...Sparkle Town

Last year, I was asked to make sparkly pink sequined bolero jackets for the character of the Dildo Prince in The Slutcracker (Somerville's annual burlesque extravaganza, which is both a takeoff of and tribute to the traditional holiday story of the Nutcracker. The Dildo Prince is analogous to the character of The Nutcracker in the traditional tale). I met with Vanessa (aka Sugar Dish, the creator of Slutcracker, as well as its director/choreographer) and her husband John to discuss what they wanted the final product to look like, and after some emailing back and forth, Vanessa sent me a picture of what she was looking for. Fittings were done (since the Slutcracker has 2 separate casts, there are 2 actors who portray the Dildo Prince, each a different size and requiring his own custom-fit jacket), fabric was ordered, and I shut myself in my room with 10 yards of hot pink sequined fabric, several bags of candy, and a really bored cat. Below are pictures of the jackets in process, and then, finally, the finished products: