Friday, September 25, 2009

A Little Sewing/Beading Project

So this is just gonna be a short post about this small project I did about a month ago. I should have included "before" and "after" pics, but I'm not terribly bright sometimes, so there are only "after" pics.

Awhile back I asked my sister Grace to give me some sweaters that she wasn't wearing anymore because of the color or cut or whatever. I told her I would dye them and embellish them so she would want to wear them again, then I would give them back to her. One of the items she gave me was a butter-yellow cotton/rayon blend surplice-front sweater. I took it and dyed it a spring green shade ("like new leaves", as my other sister Jamie described it) and hand-beaded a cluster of blue porcelain flower beads and milk-glass minty green leaves, with some pale blue seed beads scattering like stars. I hoped she would like it (Grace has recently gone toward more of a Russian metal-punk-goth look rather than more Victorian and girly as before). Fortunately, she did. So here are some pics of the beading I did. Hope you like!

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